Pachamama Healing

William Beckett
Medicine Man, Healer and Teacher of

Andean Medicine Wheel

“In these unsettled times it is important to learn how to heal ourselves and our communities. The Inca Medicine Wheel is the ancient path to achieve healing and personal fulfillment”.

Upcoming Events

Anxiety, insomnia, unhealed trauma……

New Medicine Wheel Shamanic teaching begins in the South Direction – March 20 & 21 / 2020. Come and join us! Book a spot today!


Anxiety, insomnia, unhealed trauma……

New Medicine Wheel Shamanic teaching continues in the West Direction – March 27 & 28 / 2020. FOR THOSE THAT WISH TO CONTINUE ON THIS JOURNEY…………………….

Come and join us! Book a spot today!

The Classes:

As the first “technicians of the sacred”, shamans mastered a four fold path to knowledge and power known as the Medicine Wheel. To become a “person of knowledge” and Inca man or woman had to shed the past, face fear, and learn to exercise vision. Those who completed the journey received the gift of serenity and the duty of articulating power and wisdom to the world.

We will journey through the four pathways of the Inca Medicine Wheel.

The four pathways are as follows:


South - Serpent

The South is the path of the healer, symbolized by the Sachamama (serpent). We will learn to shed our past the way the serpent sheds its skin. We will learn to mythically release the parts that haunt us from the past, and we will learn to walk with beauty on Earth.

West - Jaguar

In the West, with the Otorongo (jaguar) we will step beyond our fear of death and anger and become luminous warriors. We will learn the way between the worlds.

North - Hummingbird

The way of the sage, the place of Kente (hummingbird), we learn the way to the land of the ancestors, the “ancient ones”. We will step outside of time and space and explore states of consciousness connected to the energy of creation.

East - Condor

The Way of the visionary, (great Condor), we will learn to develop the gift of vision to create a world of peace and harmony. The Q’ero believe that only by stepping outside of time can we experience the mystery of creation and the simplicity of our lives.

In this hands-on training you will experience an ancient tradition of power and knowledge for working with the energies of Heaven and Earth. We will journey through the Shaman’s path to heal and renew ourselves and awaken the healer within. Participants will learn core techniques for re-establishing their connection to the force s of nature, learn the Paq’os way of seeing, the principles of controlled dreaming and soul retrieval, as well as the practice and use of shamanic trance states. We will also explore the “Karpays”, the rites of passage of the traditions of the Incas.


Each person has a past; wounds and scar tissue that when not dealt with tend to pile up and compound. Throughout the Direction (Medicine Wheel) I was able to finally unveil some major issues that had more of an impact on my life that I ever admitted. Here I’ve learned many life altering tools to help myself heal the wounds of my past and step into my own healing.

Rikki W.

My time at Pachamama Healing North with Bill and Marilyn doing the four directions has been an amazing experience. Bill has taught me so many tools to take with me and use on a daily basis in my own healing. I have/am becoming a person I want to be, letting go, forgiving others and myself and learning so much which is/has been on going.

Love you all more than you know!

Tammie E.

Thank you, Bill & Marilyn. This Medicine has been life changing for me. I am so thankful for the gifts & learnings both within the wheel & outside. I will forever cherish our friendships & life changing experiences. I am now able to move forward in my life with tools to continue healing & living without fear, allowing me to leave my past behind. 

Carrie M.H

First of all it must be noted that Bill and Marilyn create a warm, safe and welcoming environment, to do the work of healing. This is hungry work and Marilyn works her magic in the kitchen. I attended the Pachamama Healing Centre to work in the South direction. Healing the past. I felt able to dig in deep to my most vulnerable wounds, and pull them in to the light of day. It was not my intention to go for such heavy matters. but I quickly witnessed in Bill an integrity, understanding and compassion. This enabled me to go in and face what I had never talked about before. As I sifted through this most difficult subject matter, Bill took care of me with immense strength and presence. Bill understands his calling and delivers beautiful sacred ceremony, a place in which to heal. If you want to gain some ground in your healing, trust yourself and surrender. You couldn’t be more blessed to have Bill guide you through.